Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days: Welcome to My Mess

     Welcome to the 31 Day Challenge sponsored by the Nester. where bloggers are invited to post for the month of October on one subject.  Last year I shared about my journey through breast cancer.  You can read the series here at I Wear Pink.
     This year I would like to share how God peers into the mess of our lives and brings healing, hope, and encouragement through His reckless grace.
     Come join me.

Day 2: From a Mess to a Message
Day 3: Embracing the Cinderella in Me
Day 4: The Ball
Day 5: Midnight
Day 6: Details
Day 7:  May the Lord Be Your Banner
Day 8:  Royal Crowns
Day 9:  My Bicycle Basket
Day 10:  Losing My Mind
Day 11:  Red Lion Inn
Day 12:  What Kind Of Character Are You?
Day 13:  Joy Comes in the Morning
Day 14:  Do You Know Everything?
Day 15:  Five Dollar Bicycle
Day 16:  Son of Encouragement
Day 17:  How Deep and Wide
Day 18:  Wedding Supper
Day 19: The Looking Glass 31 Day Series, only made it for 19 days this year.  I did tell you that I was a bit of a mess.

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