Wishing & Hoping

Wishing & Hoping & Thinking & Praying
Planning & Dreaming:
  1. Start a blog.    First post on November 6, 2011
  2. Bike the length of the local Rail Trail.
  3. Go fall camping.  Opus 40 , more Fall Camping
  4. Go to a graduation.   May 5, 2012
  5. Take a trip with Compassion.
  6. Take a picture of the full moon.
  7. Go to a minor league baseball game.  Renegades Baseball!
  8. Go to the Atlanta Aquarium.
  9. Get a stamp in my passport.
  10. Buy cookies in Grand Central Station. September 17, 2012
  11. Start a business.  Beautycounter Consultant,  Selling personal care products that are safe, beautiful, and effective.  January 2015
  12. Memorize the Sermon on the Mount.  Memorized Matthew 5:1-28 so far
  13. Kayak to a camp site.
  14. Become certified in the Wilson Reading Program. Completed June 2012 
  15. Complete (at least) one year of Project Life.  Completed.  January - December 2012
  16. Go whale watching.
  17. Take a road trip.
  18. Write an ebook.
  19. Go to a broadway play.  September 10, 2015
  20. Go to the Renaissance Fair.  August 3, 2013
  21. Ride in a horse driven carriage in Central Park.
  22. See the "Luncheon of the Boating Party," by Pierre-August Renoir, The Philips Collection in Washington, D.C.
  23. Visit the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Washington Memorial and the Holocaust Museum.
  24. Sit on a jury.
  25. Learn to knit.
  26. Be used as an answer to prayer.
  27. Buy a dozen chickens for families in poverty through Compassion International.  September 2014
  28. Blow ice bubbles in the winter.
Friendship Friday
This list was featured at Create With Joy, Friendship Friday.


Create With Joy said...

Dear Donna,

You have the most awesome Bucket List!
Thanks for sharing - you've been featured at Friendship Friday at

Create With Joy

P.S. For #23 - when you go to DC - add the Holocaust Museum to your list. It is an unforgetable experience!

Self Sagacity said...

visiting from create with joy, congrats on being featured. your bucket is is very throughout, hope you have a chance to do them all. best, amanda

Unknown said...

great list! i love bucket lists :)

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