Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What I Learned in November

  1. Once again, SNOW in November!  Twice!
  2. Family is fun!  Here are five of my six children.  I love having the house full!
  3. One of my most popular posts is Have You Any Room For Jesus?  This post is popular all year, but especially during the month of December when we are more conscious to make room for Jesus in the midst of Christmas preparations.
  4. A few years ago, I wrote an original Christmas Story called The Innkeeper's Son.  I am often asked to share it.  Here it is for you.
  5. One in ten children have difficulty with learning to read.  As a special education teacher, I was excited to see this font designed to help learners with dyslexia become readers.  Christian Boer is the graphic designer who developed Dyslexie as a thesis project.  It is available free for home use here.

DIY Carrot Clarinet

     This man, Linsey Pollak, makes a working clarinet out of a carrot with an electric drill and a saxophone mouth piece.  Fun TED talk to watch.
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