Friday, August 2, 2013

Haviland Limoges China

     My heart went pit-a-pat when I saw these beautiful dishes on Craigslist.  The advertisement read, "1930's Limoges France Haviland Dishes - Venetian Pattern. "  Pictured were a few plates and a serving bowl.
A place setting
      These beautiful dishes were in a box in a garage wrapped in newspaper.  I looked at the top two dishes and bought them for $25.  I had almost no idea what was in the box.
Oval vegetable bowl
      Look at all the gorgeousness I unwrapped!   There are 7 dinner plates, 12 salad plates,  6 bread plates, 11 teacups and saucers, two lidded serving bowls, 1 vegetable bowl, a salt and pepper set, and a sugar and creamer.
Lidded oval serving bowl or tureen
     Each dish is white china with double gold edging and a pale lettuce green trim.  Each piece is perfect.  They were not used often.
side view of lidded oval bowl
      I have tried to find out more information on my dishes.  There are, I think, three different patterns.
Round lidded serving bowl
      Most of the dishes are like the ones pictured above.  I have been admiring looking carefully over the dishes and have noticed some differences.
Sugar and Creamer
      The sugar and creamer looks like it came from a different pattern.  It is marked "D & C France" on the bottom.  The creamer and bowl are creamy white.  They are painted with wild roses and green leaves that echo the green on the other dishes.  They are also dripping with gold.  Oh my, I love these.
Bread plates
     The bread plates are also different.  They are bordered by green leaves and tiny yellow flowers.  They are trimmed in gold.  On the bottom they have "England France Haviland & C., Limoges for Alfred Stanel & Son, San Diego, Cal."  These have a newer feeling about them.
     Can anyone tell me more about my dishes?    I'd like to know the age, pattern, and value of the various pieces.

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