Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Five Things I Learned in July

    1.  Lisa Jo Baker wrote the most beautiful post about love,  When You Think Your Love Story is Boring.

    There is a rumor, an urban myth, a fiction, a fantasy, a black and white screen cliché that love looks like the mad, romantic dash through airports for a last chance at a flailing kiss.And then the credits roll.And the lights come on.And we must go back to our real lives where we forget that love really lives.
     Extraordinary love in ordinary days.  Go read it.  It is worth the two minutes it takes.
     My love story is boring, too, and I'm okay with that.

2.  When a 12 year old boy is diagnosed with AML Leukemia, the Yankees will step up to bat for him.
     Caleb Gaylord is an athletic, musically gifted, 12 year old boy from New Milford, CT.  Caleb plays 3rd base for his travel team.  Caleb's dream is to one day wear pinstripes as a New York Yankee. 
     Caleb's life was forever changed on June 13th, when his Mom brought him to his pediatrician for strep throat. Thankfully, his pediatrician was suspicious and sent his bloodwork to top oncologists at Children's Medical Center in Hartford. Within hours the family was hearing the words no parent ever wants to hear, "Your son has leukemia." A couple of days later, Caleb started the first of four rounds of aggressive chemotherapy, to be administered over a span of six months. It is an inpatient treatment. To add to the difficulty, the family was in between insurance companies at the time of Caleb's diagnosis. 
     If God puts it on your heart to make a contribution to help Caleb, you may do so here
    The Yankees generously sent Caleb a Get Well gift basket.   Caleb was very excited to receive an encouraging phone call from pitcher, Mariano Rivera.
     Hats off to the Yankees.

3.   We are big fans of the Harry Potter Series in our house.   
     Our youngest son, Connor received his letter from Hogwarts on his eleventh birthday.  I made him a letter and scrapbook about Harry Potter. 

      Now Diagon Alley is on Google Street View.

PHOTO: The shops of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter are now on Google Maps' Street View.

4.  That it is worth it to get up very early in the morning to watch hot air balloons take off over the Hudson River.  You can read about it here.
5.   I love the Minions Banana Song.  It makes me smile, every time.

     What did you learn this month?  Linking up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky.

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