Monday, July 22, 2013

Hat Stand DIY

      Do you have a special hat that you would like to display?  My boys have a few hats that they enjoy.   When I updated their room, I decided that I would make some simple hat stands.
      I combed the local Goodwill Store and found some wooden candlesticks.  At Hobby Lobby I found the wooden discs.  The paint was a free sample from Lowe's.  I had used it when I painted a small nightstand for their room.  Cost:  candlesticks: $3.00,  paint: free, discs: $3.16
     First, I painted everything in the dusty blue paint.  I liked the way the wood showed through the paint giving them a more vintage look.
      Next, I added some lighter blue highlights by mixing some white craft paint into the paint.  This was whisked on with a stiff dry brush and smudged a bit.  (While editing the photo, I noticed Pinterest on the scrap paper I was working on.  Smile.)
      Finally, I glued the discs onto the top of the candlesticks.  I made one taller hat stand by gluing two of the shorter candlesticks together and placing a disc on top.
     One more picture.
     Wouldn't this be cute for Mickey Ear souvenirs or baby hats?  What hat would you like to display?

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