Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Walkway Over The Hudson

     We went again to the Walkway Over the Hudson.  It is so beautiful and peaceful to walk across this piece of history.
     Before it became the Walkway Over the Hudson, this 1.28 mile structure was the Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge.  When trains began rumbling over the bridge in 1888, it was the longest bridge in the world.  The bridge was a main transportation hub that was crossed by 3,500 freight cars each day!  In 1974 the railroad bridge was crippled by a fire.
     Today the Walkway Over the Hudson is the narrowest State Park, as well as, the world's longest elevated pedestrian bridge.  It soars 212 feet above the Hudson River.
     Here you can see the Mid-Hudson Bridge which carries cars and trucks across the river.  It is a close neighbor just a little south of the Walkway.
     My handsome walking companions.  We walked from the Poughkeepsie side of the bridge to Highland and back.
     Pat pointing toward Highland.
     I love that you can see the shadow of the Railway girders reflected in the Hudson River in this picture.
     We were fortunate to see a freight train heading north on the Highland side of the river.
     Looking north.
     A photo opportunity waiting for me and the boys!

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