Monday, September 17, 2012

Buying Cookies in Grand Central Station

      One of the items on my "Wishing & Hoping" list is was to "Buy cookies at Grand Central Station."   Connor and I had an appointment in the city this morning and had just enough time to stop at Zaro's Bakery.  Oh, yum.
     I thought the yellow taxi cookies were adorable.   I suggested chocolate chip, chinese chocolate drop, linzer tart, almond, and short bread.   Connor, the chief cookie connoisseur  of our house, had other ideas.
      Connor rapidly honed in on the black and white cookies.  We left Zaro's with a box of delicious cookies to bring home to the family.
     Hmmmmm.  After looking closely at this picture, maybe I'll add buy a cake at Grand Central Station to the list.

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