Sunday, September 16, 2012

Letters to God

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     Compassion International has asked bloggers to join together for the month of September to help find sponsors for 3,108 children.  Each week bloggers are given an “assignment” or topic to blog about.  Happily, so far 837 sponsorships have been gained.  Only 2,271 more sponsors to go to meet September’s goal.  Imagine the joy of those newly sponsored children who are no longer  waiting.  You can read my other Compassion posts on my Compassion page.  If you have not already done so, please consider sponsoring a child today.

     This week the Compassion assignment was to write a letter to God about child sponsorship.  I must admit that I feel self conscious writing a prayer for all to see.  I am not eloquent.  I am not one to pray out loud in groups.  I prefer my hands to be busy behind the scenes.  Yet, if one child is helped through my obedience, it is so worth it.

My precious heavenly Father,
     Thank You for the opportunity to share with others about what You are doing through Compassion.  Thank You for giving me such a wonderful blessing by allowing our family to sponsor Jimi.  He has made a difference in our lives.  His letters allow us a glimpse into his life.  Over the years, we have rejoiced to see him grow.  We are richer for knowing Jimi and his family.  I pray that You continue to guard his heart and mind, that he be healthy and happy, that he grow secure in the knowledge that You love him and care for him.
     Break my heart for what breaks Yours.  Allow me to be Your hand in this small corner of the world.  Use me for Your glory.  Make my life a living prayer to You.  Breathe life into Compassion's efforts to make a difference in the lives of children throughout the world.
With much love,

     Karri at My Life's a Treasure featured this post at her Favorite Things Party # 16.  Thanks for the honor.

My Life's a Treasure

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