Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Entry Closet Reorganization - Preview

     We have been working on our entry closet.  This closet serves as our launching pad for the day.  It houses coats, backpacks, and shoes.  It is used by guests, how embarrassing, and family.  There were even seasonal tablecloths stuffed in there.
     Let me give you a glimpse at how far it has come.
     Here is the sad looking before.  In an effort to organize several years ago, we added this shelving organizer.  It was a bit of a disaster and never worked for our family the way I hoped.
     Here is the same closet now.  Not quite finished, but coming along.  It does make me smile!
     Here is another angle of the sad before.
     And the after.
     I'll post finished pictures and tell you how we did it soon.  We also added beadboard and a chair rail to the hallway.  So excited!

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