Thursday, September 26, 2013

An Opportunity to Serve

“Poverty is not necessarily an issue to solve; it is an opportunity to serve. As we go through each day, our heart’s cry should be, ‘Lord, where would you have me give, serve, and invest myself to bring hope to the poor?’”  — Orphan Justice author, Johnny Carr

     Jesus told us a story of a man set upon by thieves.  The man was beaten, robbed, and left, naked and bleeding on the side of a dusty road leading to Jericho.  Two men, a priest and a Levite hurried by.   In fact, Jesus said they crossed the road and went by.  They saw the man, but did not respond to his need.  Then a Samaritan came down the road.  He saw the needy man, just as the others had seen him, but his heart was moved with compassion.  Instead of passing by, the Samaritan stopped.  He bandaged the man's wounds.  He gave him a drink and then placed him on his donkey and took him to an Inn.  Then the Samaritan paid for someone to care for the wounded man.
     The Samaritan saw in the man an opportunity to give and to serve.  Compassion caused him to stop and help.   He was likely not any richer than the priest or the Levite, yet he gave his possessions freely.  He offered his oil, his wine, his time, and his money.  He put the man on his donkey and walked to an inn.  His care was not half hearted, but complete.  The Samaritan offered to reimburse the innkeeper for any extra expenses.  He simply did what he could with what he had to help another.  The Samaritan did all of this for a complete stranger.
     We were put on this earth to make a contribution.  We love God by loving others.  We serve Him by serving others.  We all have something to offer to God, because He has given us something to give.  What is mine is God's, because He has given me everything that I have.
     God has placed in our lives people to whom we are called to minister and help, people who need us.     The parable of the Samaritan clearly taught that life is not to be found in living for self, but rather in GIVING OF SELF in the service of God and others!  After all, Jesus still stops for each of us today.
     Poverty provides us with an opportunity to serve.  Compassion International reaches children in poverty one at a time through sponsorship.  Please consider Compassion as one of your opportunities to serve.

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