Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 2: From a Mess to a Message

Molly-Come-Lately messing in the dirt and loving it!

     Last year I wrote 31 Days of my journey through breast cancer.  You can read about it here.  This year I struggled with a topic.  I wanted something fun.  Something cute.  Something that would make people smile.  I wanted to sound smart and experty.  I sat starring at my computer and the word that bubbled into my mind was, wait for it,  mess.
     “Mess?  Oh Lord, really, mess?” I prayed.  Now it’s not that I have it all together.  Clearly, I don’t.  However, God has a fabulous sense of humor and I, well I, am pretty much an expert at mess.
     For first time readers, my husband and I have six children, three adult and three still at home.  At dinner, there is usually an extra kid or so who joins us.  We also have a small flock of chickens, a dog and a cat.  My husband works from home and I teach in an elementary school.  We do messes.  We do messes well.
     The Miriam Webster’s dictionary has this to say about mess.  Mess is defined as:

    •  a disordered, untidy, offensive, or unpleasant state or condition
    •  a group of persons who regularly take their meals together
    •  a quantity of food
    •  a large quantity or number
    •  to make dirty or untidy
    •  to interfere with
    •  to handle or play with something carelessly
    •  to take an active interest in something or someone

     Last year, I shared how God met me in the midst of the mess of cancer.  While I would never want to experience cancer again, I will say that my post-cancer life is sweeter.  My marriage is closer.  I have a new compassion for those who are suffering.  And, I have a deeper relationship and richer fellowship with God as a result.  The mess of cancer became a message of hope for me.  And that is what it is all about.  God takes the mess in our lives and uses it for His glory.  He makes our mess into a masterpiece.
     So, for the month of October, I will be messing about sharing messes.

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