Friday, October 18, 2013

21 Graces: Week 9

  1. 31 Days of Welcome to My Mess!
  2. A beautiful day in Albany.  The sun was shining and the trees are beginning to show off their colors.  A lovely day.
  3. The pictures I took at the school BBQ came out even better than I thought they would.  
  4.  I solved the problem where my comments disappeared.  Well, at least I think I did!!!
  5. The trim around the new window in our bathroom looks awesome!  It was our practice window.  Now we only have, well, I don't know exactly how many windows, but a lot left.
  6. I will be walking as a Survivor at a Breast Cancer Walk on Sunday.  It is wonderful to see so much pink in the month of October.  It is encouraging and inspiring.  I wrote about my journey through breast cancer here.
  7. The delicious aroma of pulled pork simmering in the crock pot when I came home from work.
  8. Walking on the Walkway Over the Hudson twice this week!   Once with good friends and then again with my family.
  9. Connor told me that I was awesome.  A compliment from an eleven year old is pretty special.
  10. A midweek date with my husband for dinner.  
  11. My boys had wonderful midterm report cards from their teachers.  They have worked very hard.  We are so proud of them.
  12. An unexpected treat at work.
  13. The trees are displaying their Fall colors.  They are just beautiful against a clear blue sky.
  14. A very kind word from someone I admire.
  15. My Dad is celebrating a birthday on Sunday.  

  16. I'm grateful that I was able to send a gift to my Compassion Child, Jimi, for Christmas.  I love to imagine him opening a present and knowing that we care for him.
  17. Connor won a raffle at the dentists office.  He was so excited.
  18. I'm reading A Million Little Ways:  Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live, by Emily Freeman.  I love this book.  It is inspiring and amazing.  You can find it on Amazon.
19.  Picture Day at an Elementary School which includes tiara's, sparkle shoes, puffy dresses and elaborate hair styles for the girls.  And for the boys denim jeans, tuxedoes, hoodies, bow ties, and sweater vests.  Adorable.
20.  Still feeling grateful for coffee.  Daily.  
21.  Making s'mores with the kids over a campfire in our backyard.

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