Saturday, December 29, 2012

Best of 2012: May - August

     Thanks for being such wonderful bloggy friends.  It has been fun meeting so many people over the past year.

     Souvenir:  I Remember:  Pat and I were sent by our family on a cruise for our twenty-fifth anniversary.  In this post, I share the shadow box I created to house the memories of that special time.

     The Refinished Dresser is painted a happy sunshine yellow.  The dresser once belonged to my Grandmother.  I think she would be pleased to know that I use it as a night stand by my bed.  Our bed is high and the usual night tables are much too low.  This is perfect and gives me some extra storage.
     Walking on Water is not such an easy thing to do, but my children were willing to try!  They had so much fun falling and running.
     God, George Washington & Me:  How did you picture God when you were a child?  Was He a gentle Father leading you with compassion or was He a stern disciplinarian?
     Patty and I watched a sunrise over the Chesapeake Bay.  It was wonderful.  Where have you watched the sunrise?
     I was enchanted by a set of milk glass snack plates at a local Good Will store.  Milk glass is so pretty.  These plates were trimmed with gold.  So lovely.
     It's fun looking back at reader's favorite posts.  We are expecting more snow today.  It's going to be a hot cocoa kind of day around here.
     Leave a link to your favorite post on your blog in the comments.  I'll be sure to visit.


enthusiastically, dawn said...

Lovely memories! I really like the look of that walking on water ball! Off to read!

enthusiastically, dawn said...

PS I also love the shadow box idea, and yes, milk glass is pretty!

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