Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Refinished Dresser

     I inherited this dresser when my Grandmother passed.  I remember that my Grandfather had used it when I was a child.  Grandpa kept freshly ironed handkerchiefs in the top drawer, along with his wallet and loose pocket items.  Grandpa had an aviary in the finished basement of their home.  He kept finches, love birds, and parakeets.  His favorite bird was a yellow canary that sang beautifully.  It was in a cage in the hallway.  I got in trouble once for letting the canary out while trying to pet him.
     I needed a dresser for our bedroom and decided now was the time to give her a little love.  There are many wonderful tutorials out there on how to paint furniture, so I won't go into detail here.  I cleaned and primed the wood.  Then it got two coats of paint.  I went over that with a chocolate pudding colored wash which I rubbed on and wiped off.  I kept the original hardware.  I plan to add a coat of wax in a few weeks.
     The dresser isn't perfect, part of one of the lovely scrolls is missing.   It still makes me smile.   I love the dressers history.  I love that my grandparents used it daily.  I love that inside one of the drawers is part of an old newspaper that was used as a liner.   I can picture my thrifty Grandmother lining the drawer with the newspaper and setting my Grandfathers pressed shirts on top.   In my mind, I can hear a canary singing nearby.
By my bed.
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