Monday, December 31, 2012

My Word for 2012: Dwell

     I am a list maker.  I make a list for groceries, for camping, for menu’s, and to do’s for the day and week.  Because of this, many people were surprised when I told them that I do not make a list of resolutions for the new year, instead, I chose a word.  One little word to invite into my life for the year.
     For the year 2012 my word was “Dwell.”  To dwell means to reside, to abide, to rest, to shelter.  It implies permanence.
How lovely is your dwelling place,
   LORD Almighty!
My soul yearns, even faints,
   for the courts of the LORD;
my heart and my flesh cry out
   for the living God.
Even the sparrow has found a home,
   and the swallow a nest for herself,
   where she may have her young—
a place near your altar,
   LORD Almighty, my King and my God.
Blessed are those who dwell in your house;
   they are ever praising you.  ~ Psalm 84:1-4
     Last January, I joked that I was hoping for a different word.  Like Praise, Love, Joy, or even Eat!  I wanted a word that I could find in Hobby Lobby on a box or a sign.  Dwell is an old word, certainly not a word that is commonly used.  And yet it became clear that it was exactly the word for me.
     In Jeremiah the citizens of Dedan were told to “dwell deep.”  To dwell deep meant that they would be safe and secure.  They would be protected.
     In 2012 I wanted to:
     Dwell in Christ.
     Dwell in love.
     Dwell in hope.
     Dwell in grace.
     Dwell in health.
     Dwell richly.
     Dwell in possibility.
     Dwell deeply.
               And I did.

     Dwell was present with me throughout the year.  In September, God even gave me a sign from Hobby Lobby!  Sure it said “Abide” instead of “dwell,” but I knew what God meant.  In 2012, He allowed me to dwell deep in the safety, shelter, and security of His blessed providence.
     Tomorrow I will share my word for the year 2013.

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