Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Souvenir: I Remember

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, 
the things you are, the things you never want to lose.
 ~ The Wonder Years
     Censational Girl is hosting a party about travel souvenirs!  I did not want to miss out on the fun.  
     Pat and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary seven years ago by going on a week long Caribbean Cruise.  It was a special gift from our extended family.  Ordinarily, we go camping with the children.  At that time there were five still at home.  This was a luxurious vacation for just the two of us.  It was amazing.   When we returned I created a small gallery wall in our bedroom for momentos from this wonderful trip.
    I remember that we flew to San Juan on Friday and boarded the ship on Sunday morning.  I am so used to getting up at 5:15 that I got up that day as usual.  What was I thinking?   We had a busy day and by 10:00 pm, I was exhausted.  Pat decided to explore the ship while I got ready for bed.  He hurried back to tell me that I was missing the "Sail Away Party!"  There was a band, champagne, dancing, and all kinds of action going on.  It looked like everyone on the boat was celebrating.  I dragged myself out determined not to miss a thing.  I was asleep on my feet.  Every party has a pooper and that night it was me.  It was after midnight and the party continued in full swing when I gave up and we went to bed.  As it turned out, there was a "Sail Away Party" every night, because we went to a different island every night.  The picture of Pat and I was taken on the ship one evening before dinner.  The pith helmet belongs to my husband, although I wear it to school on "Hat Day."
      I did not want to forget a moment of our trip.  Each morning in the ships library, I wrote in a journal about what we had done and where we had visited the day before.   I tucked in tickets, maps, and menu's.  I framed postcards from Old San Juan and the Fort.  On the shelf is a starfish and a clay Noah's Ark we purchased in Aruba.
      The shadow box holds shells, coins from each of the islands, more postcards, pieces of coral picked up on a beach, our ship id tags, and a bracelet.  We went to a butterfly garden on St. Martin and took a sky ride on St. Thomas.  The pieces of glass are the color of the waters of the Caribbean.
     I included the card that Pat tucked in an anniversary bouquet.  I am so fortunate to have celebrated 32 years with him.  I remember the love of family that sent Pat and I on this remarkable trip and I am so grateful.  Even seven years later - it makes me smile.
     Updated: Also linking to Whimsey Wednesdays.
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