Thursday, May 10, 2012

Still Life: Garden, Orchard and Vine

     I went down into the garden of nuts
 to see the fruits of the valley, 
and to see whether the vine flourished
 and the pomegranates budded.
Song of Solomon 6:11 

     This is a picture of a painting on black granite that has been laser etched.  It is based on the Fannie Palmer lithograph Garden Orchard and Vine published by Currier and Ives in 1867.
     My husband and I own a laser etching business.  Pat is in charge of the computer part and I do the painting.   (Please excuse the flash.  It is not easy to take a picture of polished granite.  It reflects everything.)
     This is a custom piece made to be installed in that space above the stove on a kitchen backsplash.
     Fannie Palmer's original painting (shown below) included a dead fly front and center.  My husband was gracious enough to edit that out of our picture.   Our twenty-first century sensibilities don't approve of dead bugs in our kitchens.

     Project 52 has moved to a new hosting site.  Visit Kent Weakly to see more still life pictures and to explore a great photography blog.

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