Monday, May 28, 2012

31 Things: Reading

“A home without books is like
A body without a soul.” ~Cicero
Chapter One:
     I adore reading.  I love being swept away into a new book.  I have steered a raft down the Mississippi, been one of The Help, mourned love ones, danced at Versailles, fallen in love, and flew at Kitty Hawk.  I have been a rodeo star, fought for my life on television, and learned to cook in Paris.  I have glimpsed beauty for ashes, kissed a vampire, and taken a train from track 9 3/4’s.
Chapter Two:
     I bought the first Kindle when it came out and upgraded each time.  I still miss the silver ribbon that was used as a mouse on the first Kindle.  Now I have a Kindle and a Kindle Fire.  I do use both.  I love the Kindle for it’s ability to buy a book almost anywhere I happen to be.  The Fire needs to be connected to our home internet to download.  It is the one I have with me most often.  I love the convenience of always having a book, or a hundred books, with me at all times.
Chapter 3:  
     I am currently reading, Dream New Dreams, Jai Pausch, Wildflower Hill, Kimberly Freeman, and The Gifts of Perfection, Brene Brown.  I usually read a nonfiction and a fiction book at the same time.  
Chapter 4:
     I enjoy going to book club at the Library each month.  My friend Lori invited me years ago.  We have a wonderful time suggesting books to each other and discussing the selection of the month.  I have read books that I might not have picked up otherwise.  I’ve enjoyed spending time with the Ladies of the Club. When a book is made into a movie, we meet and go together.  It’s fun to see how well my imagination matches with the movie.
     I prefer to read books over watching TV.  This means that I need a new book every few days.
Chapter 5:  
     The books I remember best from my childhood are Black Beauty, everything by Beverly Cleary, The Yearling, and Stuart Little.  I read Nancy Drew and The Bobbsey Twins.  When I was in seventh grade, I read Love Story.  I cried.  I discovered the Chronicles of Narnia when I was expecting my first child.  Oh how I longed to visit Narnia with Lucy.
     Sad but true:  I used to set the smoke alarm off when I burned toast while reading a book at breakfast every morning.  I blame the toaster!
Chapter 6:
     Brian, Patty, and Connor love to read.  They always have a book that they are reading.  My other three need a little more motivation to read then simply the sight of a book.  Patrick enjoys reading fantasy or zombie books.  James prefers action.  Anthony enjoys reading comics.  The favorite books series in our house remains Harry Potter.  We even listen to the audio books on vacation.  
     I hear a book calling my name!

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