Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What I Learned in April

     April has brought us flowers peeking through the snow.  So happy to see them.  This winter has been long and cold.  I can't believe that it will be May tomorrow.  We are so excited that the warmer weather is coming.
  1. One of the most important things that I learned this month is that it is important to pay attention to the reasons people stop to visit my blog.  I had a guest who had Googled "I am tired of this life Lord."  I pray that the words that this person found ministered to their heart and that they will visit again.
  2. At the risk of making you all envious, I would like to share that my husband is a pretty creative person.  He came up with a wonderful idea for April Fool's Day.  These mini hamburgers were a big hit at our house.  We had such fun with them.  Find the recipe here.
  3. Hope Runs is an awesome book about a chance encounter that changed the course of the life of the people involved.  I could relate to the feeling that Ortiz describes of feeling the earth shift beneath your feet and that nothing will be the same again.  I had that feeling when a Social Worker led three year old Patty into our home and placed her younger brother, Anthony, in my arms. 
  4.  Did you know that there is a DINOSAUR exhibit at the Bronx Zoo!  We spent a fun day at the Zoo and because it was misty and a little rainy, we had the place almost to ourselves.  I think that there were more workers than guests.  We purchased a yearly membership so we can visit more often.  We'll spend many more rainy days there!
         What have you learned in April?

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