Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bronx Zoo Dinosaur Safari: Mysteries Revealed

     We traveled into the past last week at the Bronx Zoo, Dinosaur Safari.  The 2 acre dinosaur enclosure was wonderful.  My sons and daughter were delighted with the animatronic dinosaurs that waved their tails, gnashed their teeth and roared.  Fortunately for us, the dinosaurs were not hungry!
     The dinosaurs were impressive.   They came in a range of sizes.  Some were little, only about a foot long.  The largest dinosaur was about 25 feet tall and 45 feet long.
     We traveled through the dinosaur habitat in a safari wagon.  It was like a hay ride, only without the hay.  The onboard "paleontologist" told us about the dinosaurs we were viewing.  The ride included many photo opportunities.
     The dinosaurs look so realistic that it is easy to forget that you are not looking at live animals.  I noticed that the adults on the ride enjoyed it every bit as much as the kids.
     We visited the Bronx Zoo on a misty, not quite rainy day.  This provided an extra bit of ambiance for the ride that added to the fun.  In addition, we had the park almost to ourselves.  There wasn't a line for this very popular exhibit.
     The ride ends in a hands on field center.  Children can manipulate a T-Rex, check out some dinosaur fossils and even pose for pictures with a friendly dinosaur model.
          We had a great day at the zoo.

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