Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Matter of Faith

     A Matter of Faith is a movie coming to theaters this weekend.  It is the story of a young Christian woman in her freshman year of college who finds her faith challenged in many ways.  It is directed by Rich Cristiano and stars Jordan Trovillion, Jay Pickett and Harry Anderson.  A Matter of Faith is rated PG 13 for mild thematic elements.
     Interestingly, Christians and non-christians are talking about it and challenging the creationist viewpoint.  A Matter of Faith is a great opportunity for parents and children to engage in discussions about faith.  As you will see, evolutionism and creationism both require an element of faith.  The question becomes, in whom or what are you placing your faith.
     Our family is going to see A Matter of Faith on Saturday.  You can see the official A Matter of Faith website here to find a theater near you.  Will you be going?

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