Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Copper Sea Shells for Fall

     I hate to put our sea shells away at the end of summer.  In fact, there are some sea shells that I like to leave out year round.  They remind me of special times.  They remind me that even though there was frost in the Hudson Valley last night, eventually, I'll be warm again.  They also remind me that we plan on moving south next year!
     So, I painted my sea shells copper.  They look great!  Copper is showing up in accessories everywhere.  I love copper because it pairs so well with other metals, especially oil rubbed bronze.
     These are small sea shells that we picked up on the beach this summer.  I have them in a bowl in our guest bath.
     I used Rustoleum Hammered Copper spray paint that I had left over from my Vintage Typewriter Table up-cycle.  I just took the shells outside and gave them a quick spray.  On the larger shells, I decided to just paint the inside.  I rimmed them with Frog Tape so that the spray paint wouldn't get on the outside.  (Sorry I was so excited about how the other shells looked that I didn't take a picture of this, but it's easy enough.)
     The extra large shell at top was a planter that I have had for years.  The inside looked a little pitted, but the paint made it look like new.  Now it's a copper eye-catcher.  I use it in our bathroom to hold an extra roll of toilet paper and a hand towel.
     I love how the copper shells gleam in the bowl in contrast to the natural shells.
     Have you added any copper accessories to your house?

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