Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Fun! Renegades Baseball

     On Thursday evening our family went to a minor league baseball game.  We saw the Renegades vs. the Staten Island Yankees.  Anthony had been given tickets for doing well in school by the local PTA.  My brother, John, and his two girls joined us.
     The first pitch was thrown by the young man who parachuted onto the field after jumping out of  a helicopter.  
    At the Dutch there is not a bad seat in the house.  We were seated along the third base line.
Rene the Raccoon

     Anthony loved the game.  He didn't stop smiling the whole night.  He is usually the kid who never smiles in pictures.
     Patty and my niece were also all smiles.
     Connor, who later removed the headset,  and his cousin enjoyed everything about the game.  Especially the sno-cones.  Glad I took these pictures before the sno-cones!


msdewberry said...

Now that school is out, baseball is in full swing here as well. We have a sports park right behind our hosue so we can watch it right from our window. Awesome photos!

Unknown said...

Your pictures came out gorgeous! It was great to see you there. I'm sorry I didn't chat longer. That jumpy house was the death of me. Your family is beautiful. Enjoy your summer!

Maggie Ann said...

Your pictures tell a happy story....what fun!

Christina said...

What beautiful smiles! Baseball games are so fun! That will certainly be a highlight for the summer.

MarveLes Art Studios said...

What a great time it looks like you had - awesome smiles!

kelly said...

summer and baseball...those two seem to go hand in hand. :) looks like a grand time was had by all. just love the happy smiles of your family! :)

Kim said...

Snow cones and baseball...sounds like summer fun to me. :) Looks like you guys had a great time.

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