Tuesday, June 19, 2012

31 Things: Outside My Window

Outside my window when I was just a tiny baby was the Long Island Sound.  The smell of salt water drifted in the windows.  When the tide was high I could hear the waves rhythmic  as a heartbeat.  My grandparents voices drifted in the window.  I could hear my parents laughing.

Outside my window when I was a girl was the green grass and tall trees of our home.  I feel asleep listening to the crickets singing.  I watched the summer fireflies dancing through the trees.  The stars were bright in the dark sky.  The seasons changed and I could see the cold snow drifting in the yard.  My brothers and I rode our sleds merrily down the hill.

Outside the window of our first home as a married couple was a highway.  There was a crease in the road that the trucks hit with a bump-bump throughout the night.  We looked through the window and dreamt of the years to come.

Outside my bedroom window is a tall fragrant pine tree.  When we bought our house I could look down and see its green needles reaching up.  Now I look out into its branches.  Often a bird’s nest is tucked in the limbs.  Outside the front bedroom window is our green lawn.   The lawn is the scene of water gun fights among the younger members of the family.  The dog barks excitedly in the middle of the chaos.  Our chickens wander about eating gourmet bugs.

Outside my kitchen sink window is the back yard.  A huge rock outcropping juts up in the middle.  We have plans for putting a small water fall and pond at it’s base.  Maybe this summer.  The pool and its deck rise up.  The pool is the most popular feature of the yard.  The kids are in it from dawn to dusk all summer long.  The bay window in the breakfast area contains the few house plants that have not yet died of neglect.  

Outside my classroom window is the school playground.  On the second floor I have a wonderful view of the children playing, running and climbing.  Recess is always accompanied by their happy shouts.

Outside my window in the future will be water.  Perhaps a lake large enough to kayak or launch a small motor boat.  Or maybe the water will be salty like I remember.  In the yard there will be a beautiful garden and a play area for the grandchildren that I hope will come.

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