Monday, February 16, 2015

How is God In Your Story?

     It's the children's eyes that grab me.  The eyes that make me catch my breath.  The eyes that have seen too much.  The eyes that have known hunger.   Some children gaze from their photo with a shy confidence, still others with a fragile hope.
     Compassion Bloggers are visiting the Dominican Republic this week.  Through their stories, Compassion hopes to sponsor 300 children.  Go here to see how many have been sponsored so far.
     Bonnie, who writes at Faith Barista, posted a short video of an interview she did with fifteen year old Francimar.  During her interview, Bonnie asked, "How is God in your story?'  Her question reached out and caught me.  How is God in my story?  How is He in yours?  Is there room in your story to sponsor a child through Compassion?

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