Thursday, January 9, 2014

Book Review: The Invisible Girls

The Invisible Girls  -     
        By: Sarah Thebarge

     The Invisible Girls by Sarah Thebarge is an amazing story of love and hope.  Sarah Thebarge weaves together her own heartbreaking story of her battle with breast cancer at the age of 27 with the story of a family of Somali refugees.  Her life is changed by this small family cast adrift in a culture they do not understand.
     Thebarge honestly describes her feelings during her ordeal with breast cancer.  She suffered from an aggressive form of breast cancer.  Thebarge shares her doubts and fears with the reader.  She says, "Unlike what some people from my church tried to tell me, cancer was not a gift from God; it was more like a demon that escaped from hell."  She emerged from this trial bruised, battered and shaken to the core.
     A chance encounter with a young Somalian mother changes both their lives.  Hadhi is struggling to keep her family of five daughters together in a new world that she doesn't understand.  Simple things that we take for granted caused needless difficulties.  For example, Hadhi didn't know how to use the oven in her apartment because she couldn't read the words on the dial.  She and Sarah form a unique friendship.
     I enjoyed reading The Invisible Girls.  It is a heart touching story that I will not soon forget.

Disclosure:  I am not being paid to review this book.  The opinions expressed are my own.  I have linked the book cover to it's Amazon page.  If you decide to purchase something while you are there, then I would make a percentage (Think pennies.).  You will not pay more for your purchase.

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