Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hudson Valley Raceway

      We went to the Hudson Valley Raceway for a fun morning.  The kids raced slot cars on two different tracks.  We rented the cars and the controllers.
Anthony in the lead with the green.  Patty in second place with the orange.  Connor's blue car is being put back in the slot at the turn.
     We had never played with slot cars on this scale before, so we started on the 75 foot long oval track.   The cars really do go incredibly fast.  They jumped out of the slot if the driver didn't hit the turn just right.  
      The kids smiled the whole time!  Connor kept up a running commentary as though he were a Nascar announcer.
      Anthony watching his car come.....
     ...and go!  
      After fifteen minutes on the oval track they were ready to try their skills on the big Keystone King!  It has a long straightaway and loads of curves that go under and over each other.  The Keystone King is 155 feet of track.
     This will give you an idea of how large the track is.  The kids loved this one.  Lots of excitement and fun.  We had a roaring good time.  We'll definitely go to the raceway again.
The opinions expressed above are my own.  Hudson Valley Raceway does not even know who I am.  We had a blast!

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Laurie said...

Oh wow, this looks like FUN! I'm looking forward to when my little guy is old enough to start having fun on this scale :)

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