Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Project 52: I Have a Dream

     Our daughter, Patty has a dream of becoming a pastry chef.  She is a junior in high school and currently taking the Culinary Arts Program at the local BOCES.   Patty enjoys baking cake and cookies.  The rest of us reap the benefits, and the calories, from her endeavors.   Patty baked peanut butter cookies for her brother to take with him in the car as he heads back to college.  Isn't she sweet?    
     Patty and I went to see the master baker and cake decorator, Buddy Valestro of the show Cake Boss, when he was on tour near us.  We had a wonderful time.  Buddy shared of his love for family and baking.  He called people of all ages out of the audience to decorate cupcakes.  In good fun, Buddy asked the children if their moms were as good as him.   All of them said, "No!"  Patty and I laughed, completely delighted at the attempts, some good, some not so good, at cupcake decoration.  
     Patty and I had so much fun at the Cake Boss Show that we took a ride to Hoboken, New Jersey to visit Carlo's Bakery.  Here is part of the line that stretched two blocks.  Three hours of anticipation before we even got in the door.  
     When we crossed the street we were given a ticket to get into the Promised Land Carlo's Bake Shop.  There was a "Help Wanted" sign in the window.  Too bad we don't live in Hoboken.
     Buddy's sister, Mary, made an appearance.  She was sweet and friendly and very self conscious of all the  pictures being taken of her.   Doesn't she look like a movie star?
     Some of the beautiful cakes that were in the display case.
     Patty happily holding the cake that we took home.  A rich reward for our day in Hoboken.
     Cakes are wonderful things.  They are points of connection.  At birthdays they say, "I am so happy for you."  At holidays or special events they are photographed almost as much as the people involved.  Cakes are simple or elaborate declarations of love.  
     Buddy called using a box mix to make a cake a "Cheat!"  I confess I am something of a cheater.  Patty on the other hand is not.  It amazes me how individually the ingredients that go into a cake are unappealing and even disgusting to eat.  Who wants to drink oil or eat a raw egg?  But when mixed together and heated at the right temperature they become a delicious wonderful confection!
     There are times when we wonder why God brings raw eggs into our life.  We're not sure why God has us go through bad or difficult times.  But God knows the plans He has for us and when He puts things together He works it for good.  We just have to trust Him to make something wonderful out of the ingredients of our life - even if they come from a box sometimes.
     God is crazy about each of us.  He sends us flowers every spring and a sunrise each morning.  Whenever we talk, He listens.  He gives us dreams to dream.  Like a cake baking in an oven, His sweet aroma fills our hearts and homes with love.  
"...for he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things." Psalm 107:9
     I hope that your day is a piece of cake.

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