Friday, February 3, 2012

Project 52: Shadows

"Don't be afraid of shadows. 
 It means that there is a light shining nearby." 
 Don't know the source for this quote, if anyone knows it, I'll be happy to add it.
     The prompt for the fifth week of Project 52 was "Shadows."  I really wanted to come up with something creative.   But...well... Here are my attempts.  
     First I took pictures of the tulips and their shadows.  I really liked the pictures, but didn't feel that I had really captured "Shadows."
     Then I thought it would be fun to have a shadow interact with an object.  So I snapped Patty holding a Rubix Cube. 
     Apparently, my children have a hidden talent for hand shadows.   Patty demonstrated her ability to make a shadow dog with her fingers.   The amazing Rubix Cube continues to hang in space!

Biggest brother Patrick was not to be outdone.  He shared his gorilla.  The gorilla looks pretty good when he waggles his fingers.
     When I hurried inside to download my pictures, Patty created yet another shadow for me to share.
     Hoping your day brings you sunshine and shadows!
    If you want to see more great pictures of Shadows follow the link below.
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