Monday, June 3, 2013

Graduation Countdown

     Our daughter, Patty, is about to graduate from High School.  It is such an exciting time of last minute assignments, prom dresses, finals, and ceremonies.  I wanted to make a simple graduation countdown to celebrate her accomplishment.
     Patty has attended BOCES for Culinary Arts for two years.  Her dream is to be a pastry chef.  You can read about our trip to Carlo's Bakery here.  We did not meet Buddy the Cakeboss, but we did see his sister, Mary.
     I purchased an oaktag calendar chart in Patty's favorite purple color.  I had cupcake and chef hat shapes in my school stash, but these can also be purchased at a parent/teacher supply store.  The graduation embellishments were on sale at Michaels for 40% off.  
      I numbered the calendar by the June dates.  I added a graduation hat to each day.   BOCES Graduation Night, Senior Prom, and the Graduation Ceremony received their own special embellishment.  I covered each day with a cupcake or a chef's hat, that Patty could remove and see the graduation cap behind. (Please ignore my freckly hand.)
      Here is the finished Graduation Countdown Calendar.
      Patty was pretty pleased with her surprise.   A Graduation Countdown Calendar is a fun and easy way to celebrate an important milestone.

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