Monday, April 8, 2013

Bald Eagles

A bald eagle
     Our family went to a wedding in Pennsylvania this weekend.  When we checked into the hotel, the hostess mentioned that there were a pair of bald eagles nesting by the lake on the property.  So at seven o'clock in the morning, Connor and I hurried down to the lake with my camera.  Connor reminded me that I should have brought a pair of binoculars for eagle watching.  He also told me that I needed coffee to fuel my brain first thing in the morning, but let's talk about the eagles.
Yup!  It really is a bald eagle!
     The eagle was roosting pretty far away on a dead tree at the edge of the lake.  This was as close as I could get and even with my long lens, it's not a great shot.  Still, we were able to see a bald eagle in the wild.  Connor and I were pretty excited.
     A bald eagle has a wingspan of about 6 to 7 1/2 feet.  This eagle was impressively large.  Connor was thrilled when we heard it call, "kleek kik ik ik ik."
The bowl shaped shadow in the tree is their nest!
     Bald Eagles were moved off of the endangered list in 1995.  They are now on the threatened list.  Have you ever seen a bald eagle outside of a zoo?
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