Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fingerprints of Faith

     My elderly neighbor once came home and found her front door ajar.  Afraid that she had a burglar, she called the police from our house.  The police investigated and after asking her if she had left some papers on the table and the clean laundry on her bed, determined that no one had been in her house.  She had probably failed to pull the door tight as she left and the wind had blown it open.
     Now I wondered, had I been in the same situation, if the police would have only had to ask about a little laundry and some papers.  On any given day, all manner of things are randomly strewn around the house.  Our house looks like it has been tossed to look for something -  and likely it has.  Things are dumped to find the special lego piece, the charger for the phones or the ds.  Books are taken off of shelves to find a favorite.  There are shoes and sneakers at the door.  The dog carries socks around and leaves them in little piles in various places.  There are piles of paper from the mail, homework, crafts, stock charts, and magazines.
     Then I thought about fingerprints.  If law enforcement ever had to dust our house for fingerprints they would never be able to solve the crime.  The fingerprints would, however, surely tell a story.  Patty’s fingerprints would be found primarily, in her room and on the kitchen mixer where she bakes.  The boys prints would be all over the snacks and the electronics.  My prints would be on the washing machine and dryer, the refrigerator, the vacuum cleaner, my computer and Pat's wallet.  Pat's prints would be found in his small office and our kitchen.
    The location in our home that our fingerprints are most concentrated reveal a lot about our priorities and our personalities.  Think about the number of fingerprints on the tv remote as compared to the family Bible.  
He seals the hand of every man, that all men may know His work.   ~Job 37:7
  When we touch something we leave a fingerprint on it, and in the same way, when we touch someone or serve someone we also leave a mark or impression on them.                    
     Our Church has left its fingerprints on the lives of our family for more than 20 years.  The church has watched over us as we have added to our family, mourned loved ones, been sick, baptized, and joyful.  We have benefitted from the baby sitting, children’s ministry, sermons, friendship, and fellowship hall.  We’ve visited one another in hospitals and celebrated births.  We’ve sang Christmas Carols and dressed children as shepherds.  We’ve painted and glued sparkles and glitter on projects in children’s church and VBS.  I’ve taken quite a few pictures.
     I am grateful for the people who have been led by God to leave fingerprints of faith on the lives of our church family.  Perhaps God will lead you to leave a few fingerprints of your own where you worship.

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