Thursday, February 14, 2013

Family Style Exploding Box

Lid of the box
     Here is an exploding box that I made for friends who moved clear across the country.  We sure do miss them.  Our friends had adopted a baby boy, the same age as our Connor.  A few years later, to their great surprise, they discovered they were going to have twin boys.  A year after that, another surprise.  Twins again!  This time, a boy and a girl.  Their youngest set started kindergarten this year.
Side View
     I had taken some pictures of their beautiful children just before they moved.  There are pictures on both sides of each of the panels.  I love that the box just explodes with their children.
Opened to reveal three layers.
     The SVG file I used for the exploding box can be found here.  I used a Zing, but if you do not have a machine that will cut for you, an excellent tutorial can be found here.
Pictures are on the front and back of each panel.
     Now I want to make another!

Updated:  This post was featured by Bonnie at PinJunkie!  Thank you so much!

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