Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Exploding Box Baby Gift

       We go to Red Robin to celebrate family birthdays.  Naturally, we have a favorite waitress.  I have pictures of this beautiful young lady clapping and singing loudly to the embarrassed birthday honoree for several years.  Recently, she had an adorable baby girl.  I was able to meet the baby and snap a few pictures of her.  I wanted to present them in a special way.
     This is my first attempt at an exploding box.  The lid is embellished with a few flowers and a bird.
Top of box.
     When the lid comes off, the sides fold down and the pictures of her precious baby are revealed.  Look at all her hair!
Opened box

     I propped the lid on the fourth panel where the birth information is listed.  Four sweet pictures are on display.  One peeks out of a pocket.
     The file for exploding boxes can be found here.   Later in the week, I'll post a three layer exploding box.
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