Sunday, July 1, 2012

One Little Word Blog Hop July 1

     Welcome to the One Little Word Monthly Blog Hop hosted by Margie of Nihao, Cupcake.  Once again thank you to Margie.
     One Little Word if a class from Big Picture Classes taught by Ali Edwards.  I enjoy how we are reminded to think about and consider our word each month through the prompts she provides.  
     My One Little Word is Dwell.  This month our assignment was to make nine mini art canvasses.  They are the size of an artists trading card or a baseball card.  The art was a fun opportunity to get messy and have fun.  I used paints, gesso, stamps and ink, and a few embellishments.  Some repetitive elements are birds and feathers.  Here are the canvasses all together.
      Here they are row by row.
      My word is reminding me to dwell on the possibilities; to think and meditate on God's unspeakable riches.  He has given me rest and peace.
      June is a fantastically busy month that just rushes by until it ends.  The children had finals, concerts, field trips, picnics, and moving up ceremonies.  The calendar was full.  Now we can relax a little and enjoy the summer.
     Below you will find a list of the One Little Word Blogs to visit.  I enjoy checking in with them each month.  It is fun to see how their words are speaking to them.
     Please join our blog hop.  If you get lost along the way,  you can come back here to pick back up again.  I linked each person on the list.  Have fun and thanks for visiting. 

     PLEASE NOTE THAT JENN had to pull out at the last minute for personal reasons, so please go to AMANDA after JAMIE even though the links are different. And feel free to stop by Jenn's blog and wish her well so that she can join us next month!

Jenn  < Jenn had to pull out for personal reasons, please skip to Amanda below.
Missus Wookie
Donna      You are here!
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